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A brief overview of projects (past and present)

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Isabella Films & N279 Entertainment are two female run collaborating feature film production companies. The films created are often art-house films, based on artistic values and especially the authenticity of the maker.

As production coordinator, I am production lead on a documentary film and work on financing for various feature films. I focus specifically on (international) financing, development, and pre-production.
The VERS Film Awards is VERS' annual film festival dedicated entirely to beginning filmmakers. The VERS Film Awards offers a unique opportunity for beginning filmmakers to develop their next project, but also to see the best short films of talented makers on the big screen.

As Festival Coordinator, I am Team Leader of a group of volunteers, where I manage the programming and finances. In addition, I act as one of VERS’ Board Members.
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The Climate Governance Commission aims to fill a crucial gap by developing, proposing and building partnerships that promote feasible, high impact global governance solutions for urgent and effective climate action.

As research associate, I research and edit policy documents regarding developments in international climate law.
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Amref Health Africa is the largest health development ngo based in Africa, committed to improving health.

As a consultant, I researched the link between climate and health, providing Amref Flying Doctors NL the tools to incorporate climate as a cross-cutting subject within their organizational structure, ranging from education to program implementation to monitoring & evaluation and advocacy.
Nationaal Rampenfonds (GIRO 777) is the Dutch national disaster fund, active when a national disaster occurs, most recently the flooding in the south of the Netherlands, in 2021.

As project coordinator, I coordinate the behind-the-scenes application process for individuals, organizations and municipalities. 
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People's Planet Project combines filmmaking, geospatial data and Indigenous rights advocacy to strengthen the rights of Indigenous communities.

As fundraising and research officer, I was consulted on fundraising opportunities and applications. 

A full overview of my CV can be found here

Additional (past) experiences:

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