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About Me

Emma Broholm

My name is Emma Broholm, I was born and raised in Amsterdam and have a Dutch and American background. Growing up in a multilingual household, from an early age my focus was drawn internationally. It was the reason I chose to do a master's in Public International Law. 


During my master's, I specialized in human rights, specifically looking at how Global North-centric international law actually is. This realization launched my career trajectory. I try to ensure that marginalized communities will be heard and that the Global North is no longer overly exposed.


Recognizing how intersectionality plays a role in marginalization and how climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, I focused on a niche, working with both human rights and climate organizations. Those already vulnerable will be struck hardest by climate change and we can learn much about how to tackle climate change by those closest in touch with nature, like indigenous peoples. Everything is connected. ​

But while I worked within this niche, I felt I was missing something. As long as I can remember, I've had a passion for film and storytelling. As luck would have it, through my childhood best friend, I grew up around filmmakers. With this connection, I was fortunate enough to try to develop this other passion of mine, namely working in the film industry.


Project manager for NGO's and production coordination for film is not too different. So, starting in 2022, I also delved into filmmaking, as production coordinator on various feature films and production lead on a documentary. All films tell stories of people who do not fit within traditional societal expectations.


​Long story short, I do a lot as a freelancer. I do research for human rights organizations in order for them to effectively implement climate within their organizational strategy; I am a project manager for non-profit organizations; and I am a production lead on feature films and documentaries. 

What's in a name?

Why The Biggest Picture? Merriam-Webster describes "the big picture" as "the entire perspective on a situation or issue". And that's exactly what I try to incorporate in the work I do. To understand the impacts of climate change, how it affects all living things, and worsens already existing inequalities, is, in my opinion, the biggest perspective you can obtain. But let's be honest, it's also a play on words. Because, it not only incorporates the connection between climate change and human rights, it also incorporates my love for film. Film is an incredibly powerful tool to tell previously unheard stories and show us new perspectives on situations or issues. Film can be utilized to tell the big picture, or, in my case, The Biggest Picture.

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